Book contents

  1. Prologue
  2. The Structural Eurocodes
  3. Basis of structural design
  4. General rules for geotechnical design
  5. Ground investigation and testing
  6. Ground characterization
  7. Verification of strength
  8. Verification of stability
  9. Verification of serviceability
  10. Design of slopes and embankments
  11. Design of footings
  12. Design of gravity walls
  13. Design of embedded walls
  14. Design of piles
  15. Design of anchorages
  16. Execution of geotechnical works
  17. Geotechnical reports



  1. Slope stability design charts
  2. Earth pressure coefficients
  3. Notes on the worked examples



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The Structural Eurocodes
Basis of structural design
Verification of strength
Design of footings

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Chapter 11. Design of gravity walls

Chapters 9 to 14 deal with the design of particular geotechnical structures: 9, slopes and embankments; 10, footings; 11, gravity walls; 12, embedded walls; 13, piles; and 14, anchorages. Each chapter deals with the topic in a similar manner, discussing the required levels of ground investigation; design situations and limit states; basis of design; design methods and the application of partial factors; serviceability; and issues related to supervision, monitoring and maintenance. A key feature of all these chapters is a set of worked examples that illustrate the application of Eurocode 7 to common problems and highlights some of the ambiguities in the use of partial factors.

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